Jiant Hard Kombucha Passion Fruit & Elderflower (355ml)

Jiant Hard Kombucha Passion Fruit & Elderflower (355ml)


Jun Kombucha (green tea + honey + water) is brewed just how it’s supposed to be – small batch, open air, with a SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria & yeast) on top. The yeast eat the tea and honey, converting them to organic acids and a tiny bit of alcohol – but not enough.

This isn’t a mixed drink. 100% Jun Kombucha is taken and fermented it again. But this time, an alcohol-producing yeast is added and organic cane sugar and close the lid. These happy yeast go to town on the kombucha brew, producing naturally occurring alcohol.

100% Jun Kombucha brewed with only the highest-quality organic green tea and simple, real ingredients. Refreshing effervescence, light body and clean finish.

Alcohol Vol: 4.5%

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