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Deposit Return Scheme

From February 1st, 2024, When you buy a drink in a plastic bottle, aluminium or steel can, you pay a small Deposit in addition to the price of the drink. When you return your empty and undamaged drink container to participating shops and supermarkets, you get your Deposit back in full.

The drinks containers included in the Scheme are PET plastic bottles and aluminium and steel cans between 150mls and 3 litres. A Deposit of 15c per can/plastic bottle will apply to containers from 150ml to 500ml inclusive and a Deposit of 25c per can/plastic for containers over 500mls to 3 litres inclusive. You will see the total deposit fee at checkout – it will be labelled Deposit fee.

Please note we do not have a Reverse Vending Machine in our store and we are exempt from taking back empties. The courier company will not accept any empty cans or bottles for this scheme.

For full details on the Deposit Return Scheme, please visit

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