Giants Basalt Rock Gin (50cl)

Giants Basalt Rock Gin (50cl)


On the north coast of Northern Ireland lies the iconic Giant’s Causeway. It’s this 60-million-year-old miracle of geology that helps filter and purify the water we draw from our own 600ft well. Once they have the purest water possible, they use state-of-the-art distilling equipment to create a gin with an impossibly complex taste and detailed flavour profile. created a stone’s throw from the Giant’s Causeway, Giants Basalt Rock Gin is the epitome of controlled chaos.

They take basalt purified water from their 600ft well, use the most advanced distilling technology and apply molecular-level precision to create an unparalleled three-dimensional gin.

Nose: Initially very fresh citrus, followed by juniper and hints of savoury saltiness.

Taste: The initial fresh citrus comes across first followed by classic juniper with more sharp and warm spices, like ginger and cassia. These flavours give way to more unusual gin flavours that are hard to pin down – a fresh sea-inspired saltiness. These complex flavours are harmonised by a mellow buckwheat-inspired mouth feel.

Finish: Peppery spices enhanced by the tailed pepper carries over into a long finish, that lingers in all three dimensions.

Alcohol Vol: 50.1%

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