Amarula Fruit Cream Liqueur (70cl)

Amarula Fruit Cream Liqueur (70cl)


The fruit that provides Amarula liqueur with its unique flavour comes from the marula tree (Scelerocarya birrea). Tall and leafy, marula trees grow wild across sub-Saharan Africa.

The marula pulp is transported to the cellars in Stellenbosch where it is fermented under conditions similar to wine making. After fermentation, the marula wine is distilled twice, first in column stills and then in copper pot stills, to create a young marula distillate. It is essential that the fresh marula wine is distilled as quickly as possible to retain its fresh fruity flavours. During the second distillation the marula flavours are further concentrated. To enrich and deepen its flavours, the spirit is aged slowly in wood, spending two years in small oak barrels, where wood spice characters of vanilla and toast are naturally imparted. Another important ingredient is fresh dairy cream. It gives Amarula its rich and velvety smooth consistency.

Alcohol Vol: 17%

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South Africa

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