Teeling Vintage Reserve 33 Year Old Single Malt (70cl) €3,300.00


Distilled in Dublin.

The 33 Year Old release which is limited to just 275 bottles, is believed to be the oldest bottling of Irish Single Malt recently released, making it the world’s most exclusive Irish whiskey.

Consisting of two hand selected casks of some of the oldest Irish Single Malt ever bottled this is an extremely rare release of Irish Whiskey. Distilled in 1983 and aged exclusively in ex-American oak Bourbon barrels which after 33 years of maturation produced only 275 bottles and an alcohol strength of 42.9%. As a result of its 33 year journey producing a complex floral nose with deep layered flavours and a long luxurious finish without being over oaked. To match its rarity this historic bottling of Irish Whiskey history captures a truly unique taste experience.

Alcohol Vol: 42.9%

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    Vanilla, cream, orange, toast, jam.

    Light and fresh, well balanced sweetness blends into notes of vanilla, sandalwood, allspice, and orchard fruits.

    Deep and inviting as the spice comes back and then goes away again.

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