Stift Engleszell Benno Trappistenbier (330ml) €5.00


Brewed in Austria.

Aromas of tangerine, slate, tropical fruit, apricot jam and amaretto Soft on the palate with initial orange overtones and a touch of lemon acidity. Sourdough, cherry and white grape flavours developing in the middle with a slight minty character. Finish is long, dry, spicy and herbal with late hints of grapefruit.

Alcohol Vol: 6.9%

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    Brewed in Austria.

    The first Trappist beer from Austria. The monks use traditional Trappist brewing techniques; ingredients include local honey, Alsatian wine yeast, malted barley and hops. Aromas of chocolate, bread and red fruits and flavours of roasted malts with hints of spice and a tinge of bitterness provide a complex and balanced profile. 

    Alcohol Vol: 10.5%

  • Tre Fontaine Birra Trappist Triple (330ml) €7.00

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    Brewed in Italy by Trappist Monks.

    Unfiltered ale brewed with eucalyptus grown by the abbey. This craft beer, flavoured with eucalyptus leaves, is a unique product born from an ancient recipe of the Three Fountains. Since 1873 the eucalyptus characterizes the products of this community of Trappist Monks. Hazy, dark golden liquid. Large head. Aroma of the eucalyptus, minty, very fresh, citrus, malts. Taste is rich, sweet and a bit bitter, with a soft taste of eucalyptus.

    Alcohol Vol: 8.5%