St. Bernardus Gift Pack (4 x 330ml)


St. Bernardus Tripel: a traditional abbey beer that follows the classic tripel style. A blonde beer with an inviting golden hue and an impressive, velvety-soft head of froth. St.Bernardus Tripel has a slightly sweet aroma and a flowery, fruity taste in which bitter and sweet merge harmoniously. A hugely accessible beer that is surprisingly light in character. Alcohol Vol: 8%.

St. Bernardus Abt 12: This is a dark beer with a robust head that is ivory in colour. St.Bernardus Abt 12 has a very fruity aroma that is the result of using our own unique yeast. It brims over with different, complex tastes and stands out through its long, bittersweet finish. Alcohol Vol: 10%

St. Bernardus Pater 6: brewed according in the classic dubbel style with a recipe that dates back to 1946. A chestnut-brown, dark beer with a creamy head. It unites the deep flavour of specialty malt with the lively fruitiness of ripe tree fruits. Impressions of hazelnut and mocha lie at the basis of the mouth feel, which flows into an excellent yet playful duel between the mild taste of dark candy sugar and a slightly toasted but dry grain character. Plenty of apple and pear aromas make their magnificant presence felt all the way to the slightly bitter aftertaste. Alcohol Vol: 6%

St. Bernardus Prior 8: St. Bernardus Prior 8 is a traditional abbey beer, brewed in the classic dubbel style. This delicious beer is chestnut brown, emitting a deep red glow and presenting a lovely rounded head. St.Bernardus Prior 8 stands out with its fruity aroma, reminiscent of tree fruits like red apples, but complemented by exotic touches of figs and dates. The whole is rounded off perfectly by impressions of caramel and roast malt. The full taste is malty and fruity in equal measure and achieves the perfect balance between bitter and sweet. Alcohol Vol: 8%.

St. Bernardus Gift Pack includes:
1 x Triple (330ml, 8% abv)
1 x Abt 12 (330ml, 10% abv)
1 x Peter 6 (330ml, 6% abv)
1 x Prior 8 (330ml, 8% abv)
1 x chalice glass.



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