Mountain Man Brewing Hairy Goat IPA (500ml) €1.00

4.39 1.00

LIMITED special offer €1 per bottle (only while stocks last).

Brewed in West Cork.

Hairy Goat is a copper coloured English style India Pale Ale with a strong grapefruit, passion fruit and peach aroma coupled with a well balanced hop and malt flavour. It has a medium to high level of bitterness and has been crafted for the connoisseur of full flavoured hoppy beers.

Food Recommendation: Enjoy as an aperitif as the bitterness will stimulate the appetite. Great with Thai, Indian or any boldly spiced dishes. Enhances flavours of Duck, Goose, Horse, Moose & Bear. Works well with strong flavoured cheeses such as Colby, Blue, Parmesan & mature Cheddar. Also washes down the flavours of gone off cheeses.

Alcohol Vol: 4.5%


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