Method & Madness Single Malt (70cl) €79.00


A Single Malt whiskey laid down in Midleton in 2002 finished in a French Limousin Oak and matured in bouron barrels. A first, resulting in light perfume notes giving way to dry barley and ice cream cone wafer.

Nose: Freshly shelled peanut, Cereal malt aroma.

Taste: Cracked cinnamon stick, Ice cream cone wafer.

Finish: Fragrant bon bons, A hint of toasted barley.

Alcohol Vol: 46%

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    Method & Madness is a whiskey brand hatched from the minds of the Masters and Apprentices of Midleton Distillery.

    Finished in French Limousin Oak Casks and Matured in Bourbon Barrels

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