Maisel’s Weisse Alcohol Free (500ml)


The sporty version of Maisel’s Weisse is made like any other Maisel’s Weisse varieties of only natural raw materials, containing vitamins, isotonic, using 40% less calories .

With a proprietary brewing process has succeeded the master brewers of avoiding alcohol sparing, which the characteristics of Maisel’s Weisse remain preserved. Also shines so this version with the unique bright reddish amber colour and a spicy-fruity taste sensation.

Alcohol Vol: 0.5%


Brewed in Germany.

Maisel’s Weisse Alkoholfrei
Maisel’s Weisse Alcohol-free is the ideal fitness and wellness beverage for active and health conscious connoisseur.

World’s Best Non-Alcholic Beer 2018 at the World Beer Awards

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