Jefferson’s Reserve Groth Cask Finish (70cl)


Over the ensuing months, the bourbon took on unique characteristics from the Groth barrel which married together in a supremely balanced spirit. Today, the Groth Cask Finish explodes with luscious dark berry flavours, such as black cherry and blackberry, evident from the red hue that the bourbon has adopted.

Alcohol Vol: 45.1%


The Groth Winery in Napa Valley, produced the first wine from California to receive 100 points from Robert Parker and produce one of the most outstanding Cabernet Sauvignon’s from the region. Barrels from the winery were sent to Kentucky, where they were filled with fully matured Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey. The barrels were put in a “hot box” (a steel container that reaches up to 120 degrees inside during the summer) to sweat the wine out of the wood.

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