Hollows & Fentimans Spiced Ginger Beer (330ml) €2.49


This delightfully curious spiced ginger beer is a delicious and aromatic beverage infused with exotic spices from the east. Perfect for accompanying spicy food or consumed on its own as a perfect winter warming drink.

Alcohol Vol: 4%

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    The quality and superior taste of Hollows is attributed to the traditional slow fermentation and botanical brewing method. The unique process combines the finest hand-picked herbs, natural flavourings, sugar and brewer’s yeast, and is then fermented for a two week period with Chinese root ginger and botanical ingredients. The process releases a deeper and more satisfying ginger flavour resulting in a pleasantly quaffable naturally cloudy real ginger beer, free from all artificial flavourings, colours and preservatives.

    Alcohol Vol: 4%

    Gluten Free.