12 Acres Brewing Rye IPA (500ml) €3.49


Brewed in Co. Laois.

12 Acres Rye IPA is a speciality hybrid beer combining a full flavoured American style IPA with the spicy characteristics of a traditional Rye Ale. A burnished gold/red-gold colour, the aromas showcase classic North American hop flavour – grapefruit and citrusy fruit flavour with a touch of pine.  Distinct spicy rye character is evident in the first sip, and this combines with the hop fruit flavour in the beer. The mouth-feel gives a medium body lusciousness, which supports the spice of the malted rye in the beer.  A very well balanced, spice, malt sweetness, and fruit body, all integrate to deliver a range of complex full flavours. Pairs very well with roasted and barbecued meats.

Alcohol Vol: 5.5%

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