12 Acres Brewing Pale Ale (500ml) €3.49


Brewed in Co. Laois

Their award winning flagship beer, this pale ale is a take on the American Pale Ale (APA) style, with more emphasis on the malt flavour than a traditional APA. Their own spring water is the main ingredient and they add their own pale ale base malt which forms the majority of the grist, to give the fermentable sugars and flavour to the beer. A small quantity of three other European speciality malts is also used, giving more malt body, texture and additional caramel flavours to the beer. The sweetness of the malt is balanced with American hops; Cascade, Willamette and Citra, with three additions to the boil to give that distinctive American Pale Ale bitterness and citrus flavour. This pale ale is also dry hopped to give a lovely tropical fruit aroma to the finished beer. It goes great with spicy foods!

Alcohol Vol: 4.6%

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