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The Liberator Small Batch Double Port Finish (70cl)

Premium Blended Whiskey, with an unusually high (42%) content of Malt Whiskey (most blends have 5-15% Malt). The Malt component comprises Single Malts from Cooley (2006) and from Great Northern Distillery (2015); the Grain is from the same distilleries but dating from 2010 and 2015. All were initially matured in ex-Bourbon casks; the younger elements were finished in a variety of fresh Ruby and Tawny Port casks.

A blend of the finest sourced Malt and Grain whiskey’s, finished in an ancient Bonded Storehouse, is given distinctive character using Tawny and Ruby Port casks and skilful blending. Gently cut over many weeks; natural colour; no chill-filter.

A light and elegant whiskey with berries and pear on the nose, a rich taste with sweet notes of stone fruits and vanilla and a gentle lingering finish.

Alcohol Vol: 46%

The Liberator Irish Malt Whiskey Tawny Port Finish (70cl)

Wayward Irish Spirits, Killarney, Co. Kerry.

Ireland’s first Vatted Malt – made up of 2 Single Malts from different distilleries. The components are 22% 2006 Cooley Single Malt and 78% 2015 Great Northern Distillery Single Malt. The younger Whiskey was finished in really fresh Tawny Port casks for between 9 & 12 months.

Traditional Malt Whiskey, fnished in an ancient stone bonded stonehouse, is given distinctive character using Tawny Port casks and careful small batch blending. Gently cut over many weeks with spring water and not chill filtered.

Expect a full nose of figs, apple and pear, a rich taste of cocoa, clove and blackcurrant and a warming long finish with persisten spice and barley.

Alcohol Vol: 46%

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